Was CUDA for Vista announced?

NVidia put out the following press release:


According to the Compaq 8710w Mobile Workstation specs it ships with Vista Business:


So as I read it, in a roundabout sort of way NVidia just announced CUDA support for Windows Vista. Was there a press released I missed?

Sorry to nit pick like this but I have been looking foward to having access to CUDA on my main work computer without having to dual boot to Windows XP (which is very tricky as it turns out).

well not exactly… but soon now. Looking to get a beta out around the end of March

so now you’ve read about it.

Woot! Thank’s for the info. I am very much looking forward to this update.

That is excellent news! I’ve been waiting for Vista to be supported for over a year now. Eventually I ended up getting another hard drive and installing Linux on it just to test and use my CUDA program, which was a painful process :P But I’m very glad to hear that it’ll eventually be supported on Vista, and more importantly, I’m glad to know an actual target month! Thanks for the info!

Thank You! I grow weary of dual-boot…