Waterproofing JetsonTX2 Development board

I require my development board to be water resistant (though not full submersion). I’m looking at pass through adapters for each of the cables (USB, Ethernet, HDMI, ect.). But I’m having trouble locating a pass through adapter for the camera cable. The J22 is a type of cable I havn’t worked with much before. I would appreciate any advice you all have on ways to make this fantastic development board water resistant.

Hi erichimmelblau, due to the high-frequency signaling of the MIPI CSI-2 camera signals, fabricated electronic flexcable is typically used for interconnecting the MIPI cameras. For longer runs, a coaxial transceiver like Maxim GMSL2 is typically deployed.

What camera module are you using? Have you contacted the Jetson Camera Partners who specialize in the MIPI cameras and flexcable? Otherwise you may want to consider using a USB3 webcam or IP camera for your application instead.

Alternatively, have you looked at an IP67/IP68 sealed enclosure for Jetson TX1/TX2 module like ConnectTech Rosie?


I found that milspec circular electrical connectors from https://www.galco.com/shop/Circular-Connectors to be good quality and low price. My favorite steely is the soldier cup style.
Milspec connectors have an o-ring seal, can can be ordered male/female, and with mount flange/gasket to exit your computer enclosure. I listed that link because they have the best value products last time I designed a machine that required them.

You may be able to get away with approx $25/connection (9 pin for usb), or just get a 60 pin connector and do them all at once (they make 100 pin connectors).

Hope this is helpful,