Waveshare Fan installation for Jetson Nano B01


I recently bought and received a fan from waveshare (Dedicated Cooling Fan for Jetson Nano, PWM Speed Adjustment, Strong Cooling Air, Fan-4020-PWM-5V) that I intend to install on my Jetson Nano B01. According to the design, there is only one way the fan can be installed (counter-sunk screw holes). However, there is a tape in the middle of the fan on the side that faces towards the heat sink. I am a bit worried that this tape will catch fire if placed so close to the heat sink. The tape also has seemed to come off a bit, so I wonder: am I better off removing the tape or let it be in place? (The tape is the circular information tag that you see on the first image if you open the attached link (that says DC BRUSHLESS and some other things) ). Does anyone have experience with this fan?

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Edit: Changed the link

Can you share a photo of that?

It might be this:

I use this fan with the label at my Nano as well, and it works without any troubles.
Interesting thing is that air flow of the fan is reversed.

Here are three images of the fan. What do you think?

That is the correct link (seems I incorrectly copy-pasted my link - Edited in my original post). And thanks for the reply! I also find it strange that the air flow is in the opposite direction of what I expected, but it probably provides good cooling efficacy regardless. Given that you are using it with the tape down, I would suspect it is safe. Wonder if @Trumany has something to add here

It should be no problem with tape as the temperature won’t reach so high…

That’s great! Thank you! :)