Waveshare Jetbot - Jetson 4GB Setup Issues Help


Hope all is well? I was wondering if you could help me… ? I have a new Waveshare Jetbot - Jetson 4GB a used the Waveshare imagine link for their Jetbot but on initial setup boot-up Iam getting a number of errors see attached picture! So not getting very far :(

  1. Iam Using a is Scandisk extreme pro 128GB so
    High spec

  2. I have prepared the SD card by formatting with Nivida recommend SD card formatter application.
  3. I have Downloaded the Jetbot image from Waveshare wiki which is the same you provided in your email, unzipped it and flashed it to the SD card using the Etcher application.
  4. Once again I have followed the Waveshare Jetbot wiki setup guide for Jetson Nano 4GB and Iam have the same issues fault errors (see attached pictures from today) on boot up which relate to drivers and other errors, the OLED is not lite or displaying anything.

Iam surprised with these error messages as would have thought it should be plug and play from the image. Iam really excited to have the Waveshare Jetbot kit and want to get exploring, if you could offer any advice on possible issues which I assume in a image file related and not faulty hardware ? (Though the OLED display is not on but I guess this could be due to wifi issue errors) and how I can solve these I would be most grateful.

Many Thanks in advance

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hello user118079,

this isn’t a Nano DevKit, right?
please contact with the vendor to confirm the hardware combination and also the correct release image.

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