Waveshare JETSON-IO-BASE-A gpio configuration


I’m facing a problem reading gpio on a Jetson Nano with a Waveshare JETSON-IO-BASE-A carrier board.

I connect a jumper between PIN 11 (GPIO50) and PIN 1 (3.3V) with a 1K resistor, so that when the jumper is connected, I read a 1 and when the jumper is disconnected, I read a 0. On an official NVIDIA Nano Developper Kit, I have this behavior. With the Waeshare kit, whether the jumper is present or not, I always read 1.

I tried to modify the the dtb to force GPIO50 to PULL_DOWN on the Waveshare board but it didn’t do anything.

Is there a way to have the same behavior on both boards ?

hello romaincaste,

ideally, it should be same as Nano developer kit.
please check the device tree you’re using, $ dmesg | grep DTS, it is there board configuration in device tree.

there’s level shifter, you may see-also applications note, 40-Pin Expansion Header GPIO Usage Considerations for reference,

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