Waveshare Jetson Nano Dev Kit emmc version SD card and other problems

I purchase a Waveshare Jetson Nano Developer Kit and am having various problems getting it to work properly. I have tried fixing the problems using the forum threads, but end up with the same problems. One is the timesync which does not work once I shutdown the nano on the restart the next day the clock sysc goes to no and I cannot update the nano. Second is that I cannot get acess to the underboard SD card , it is supposed to be at sdmmc3. I edited my dtb files but still no luck. Looking a dmesg the only thing I could see is the phandle are not the same. Attached are some of the logs.

Barry W. Roff[date=2023-05-25 timezone=“Europe/Madrid”]

How do I attach logs

You need to contact with them to get their custom BSP, and file an issue to their support team first.