Way out of my league but could use help with nvidia inspector and / or Nvidiaprofileinspector.

I have 6 of the same exact make and model of Nvidia 1060’s running on one rig.
Most of the time they run perfect. However there is the rare occasion where ONE of those GPU’s will ‘drop out.’ In those cases, I have to reboot my PC and then continue on with my work.

I came here in hopes of finding the proverbial needle in the haystack because I know it exists.

There is a way to make a script to force either Nvidiainspector or Nvidia Profile inspector to “check” the GPU’s every X amount of time and if it finds a GPU that has dropped out, it can essentially restart the dead GPU without having to reboot the entire PC.

I have looked online for weeks for a script that does exactly that. I’ve come close. There is at least one program out there that implements the very fix I described. It just doesn’t tell you how the script is made.

Please help. Thank you in advance.