Wayland needs a stop-gap for Implicit Sync

Wayland is becoming more and more the default environment for all distros now, and there’s a major push towards it as we come into 2024. Nvidia is very pro-explicit sync, as am I, and I understand that, but so many of my applications are nigh unusable in their current state. Out of order frames, stutter, issues with blender and any 3d application.

We need to accept as both developers, and consumers, that Nvidia’s hope for explicit sync any time soon as we wait for “Waitland” to push Erik’s commits is going to be some time. In the mean time, we need a stop-gap measure to let us use an implicit sync solution for everything from KMS to OpenGL. It’s ridiculous we’ve been stuck in this same hole for so long.

This issue persists as of 545 and will continue to do so until nvidia does something about this.

PLEASE - we are all in this same boat. We need some sort of compatible implicit sync setup before long.

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Would like to update here that with 545 drivers neither explicit sync patched in wayland-protocols, xorgproto and xorg-xwayland help out and that the corruption is visible on native wayland apps as well, weird ghosting out of order frames.

Additionally the MR xwayland: Poll dma-buf fds in xwl_present_pixmap (!1120) · Merge requests · xorg / xserver · GitLab as a workaround is also affected by the 545 driver.

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