Wayland support for multiple full screen windows

I am currently using X to render live image from camera to multiple full screen windows. The application is latency sensitive so i am using the option to bypass the compositor in full screen. Each physical monitor hosts a full screen window with v-sync turned on and double buffer enabled, all are connected to RTX5000 graphics card.
This setup requires an xorg configuration to place each physical monitor on its own x-screen so can bypass compositor and enable v-sync.
This is working, but I am limited by the requirement that all the monitors must be connected during startup, otherwise there is no way to attach each to its own x-screen and the monitors are setup in extended mode.

Does Wayland offer better support for multiple full screen windows?
1- Does Wayland support opening full screen window on each physical monitor, with v-sync enabled and bypassing the compositor?
2 - Is it possible under Wayland to connect/disconnect monitors and still maintain this setup?

Why not use a DE or WM that doesn’t have a compositor? Why doesn’t your current DE unredirect fullscreen windows by default?

(Why is this a driver issue?)

If you know ahead of time which monitors are going to be attached, you could use the ConnectedMonitor (and optionally, CustomEDID) options to force the server to start with the correct set of X screens even if the monitors are physically connected later.

Please note that these are GPU options rather than X screen options, so it’s easiest to specify them the same way on all of your X screens. E.g.

`Option “ConnectedMonitor” “DP-0, DP-2, DP-4”

in every Screen section of xorg.conf. I know that’s a little weird, sorry. Let me know if you have any questions about how to configure that.

I can unredirect full screen windows but from the testing I have done it will result in screen tear unless each physical monitor is attached to its own x-screen.
As far as I understood the driver is responsible for setting up the monitors under X.
My application should support connection of different displays at any time. When a display is connected after the system is running it will be set up by the driver in extended mode on x-screen 0.
Once there are multiple displays on the same x-screen I can only sync them to a single monitor and that results in screen tear (even when v-sync is on).
Assuming the driver is responsible for setting up the newly connected displays, I was wondering if the behaviour under Wayland is any different.

I am working with a requirement to allow connection of different displays at any stage, so this option is not suitable for my application.
In addition there is an option of “UseDisplayDevice” which allows me to attach a certain video output (monitor) to an x-screen. This works great during startup. In case a monitor is connected after the system is running the driver seem to ignore it and places the monitor in extended mode on x-screen 0.

With wayland, there’s no such thing as a configurable Xserver driver, everything is handled and defined by the compositor used. So you’d have to ask the respective compositor developers if they implemented such a feature (I guess not).