We are trying to flash Jetson SOM but getting

Issue while using SOM of Jetson NANO. we are not able to flash the SOM. Returning error while flashing . I have also attached terminal Image FYR. Kindly advice for further course of action.

is the orin in force recovery mode?

either send reboot command with following : sudo reboot --force forced-recovery options…

or use force_rec pin to set into forced recovery…


as mentioned by @scott104, are you sure the device is in force recovery mode?
What does lsusb give you?

i have already said :)

When the orin is in device recovery, it is seen by the host, it can be flashed… I flash it already

When you reboot it NOT into force recovery, it is NOT seen by the host.

The flash was good, i can login to the console via UART2 (entering root user and password etc)

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