We get CSIMUX_STREAM error during implement gmsl driver

Dear NV_Team,

I implement a gmsl camera using ov2778/max9295+max9296, open camera failed with csi error.
Can you help to check the CSI error log?

     kworker/0:0-4     [000] ....   117.097261: rtcpu_vinotify_event: tstamp:3863067767 tag:FS channel:0x00 frame:0 vi_tstamp:3862633807 data:0x00000012
     kworker/0:0-4     [000] ....   117.097330: rtcpu_vinotify_event: tstamp:3863067924 tag:ATOMP_FS channel:0x00 frame:0 vi_tstamp:3862633810 data:0x00000000
     kworker/0:0-4     [000] ....   117.097398: rtcpu_vinotify_event: tstamp:3863068116 tag:FE channel:0x00 frame:0 vi_tstamp:3862679359 data:0x00000022
     kworker/0:0-4     [000] ....   117.097473: rtcpu_vinotify_event: tstamp:3863068265 tag:CHANSEL_SHORT_FRAME channel:0x04 frame:0 vi_tstamp:3862679359 data:0x01000000
     kworker/0:0-4     [000] ....   117.097474: rtcpu_vinotify_event: tstamp:3863068456 tag:RESERVED_19 channel:0x23 frame:0 vi_tstamp:3346671104 data:0x01020001
     kworker/0:0-4     [000] ....   117.097533: rtcpu_vinotify_event: tstamp:3863068610 tag:ATOMP_FE channel:0x00 frame:0 vi_tstamp:3862679361 data:0x00000000
     kworker/0:0-4     [000] ....   117.097535: rtcpu_vinotify_event: tstamp:3863068786 tag:CSIMUX_STREAM channel:0x00 frame:0 vi_tstamp:3862680475 data:0x00000100
     kworker/0:0-4     [000] ....   117.097742: rtos_queue_peek_from_isr_failed: tstamp:3863495137 queue:0x0bcbcf78


CSI Trace information:
csi.log (63.4 KB)

Below error tell the output size less than expected.

Hi ShaneCCC,

tag:CHANSEL_SHORT_FRAME means “sensor output size less than expected.”
tag:CSIMUX_STREAM indicate SPURIOUS_DATA_STREAM_2 means “Spurious data means VI sees some other packets before FS packet, as VI alwasy expect the 1st packet to be frame start” right?


Yes, that’s correct.

Okay, thanks, we will check the parameter settings again.

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