We still had errors in running PGDBG program...

Dear Jave,

Thank you for your kind comment…

We tried to fix the problem by installing corresponding program as you indicated…

We made the PGDBG on the screen…

But running it with the sample program of WRF which demoed in video teaching, the following error message appeared in MPI message on the screen,

ERROR: MPI Message Queue libray not found.
Try setting :PGDBG_MQS_LIB_OVERRIDE" environment variable

We added the following command in “/etc/csh.cshrc”
setenv PGDBG_MQS_LIB_OVERRIDE /opt/pgi/linux86-64/2012/mpi/mpich/lib/libtvmpich.so.

However we still had the errron message in MPI Messages such as
“ERROR : Process Running”…

Please help me again to fix the problem…

Thank you a lot again…

3 year old mpich installation may be the problem.
I think the first thing to do is to determine if the current release,
with its newer MPICH MPI libs solves the problem.

Contact trs@pgroup.com, and we can provide a temp license to
see if the problem persists in the current versions.

Next step is to provide source code that replicates the problem
you are seeing.

We have found that MPI versions have changed their arguments
to the routines called. If the code is old, it may need to be updated to
have correct argument order and data types.


is one file should contain the expect prototypes of the MPI calls.