We want build custom carrier board and simplify the power design

I have finished a custom design of our own for the TX2 SOM. We simplify the power design, is it possible to have someone at NVIDIA to review my schematic design? Maybe one of those that was involved in the Jetson carrier board development. I have gone through all the documentation the best I can but want to make sure I am not missing anything. Just trying to make our first prototype as successful as possible.2020111401.docx (534.7 KB)

Hi, we don’t provide review support for JEP customer as we already provide the OEM product design guide and reference schematic, customer should follow that well. If you have specific design problem, you can list that here.

hey can u help me how to do that, as i want to develop my own custom board , i am more like software guy i know hdl and verilog but where and how to use it properl i dont know will u just give me all the steps to do it

We have no guide on hdl and verilog. From hardware side, if you want to make a custom board, you need to have some schematic/layout design knowledge and follow the OEM product design in DLC to make sch and pcb design.