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I would like to see more basic operations, omniverse is great as it adds so much flexibility. But for beginner devs this is brutal. Even how easy the tools are the overall experience isn’t intuitive. For example just making a basic application or a basic function like lerp is hidden under mountains of documentation. If you aren’t a degree level programmer its just not accessible which is a real shame

Hello @s_dempsey! Thanks for the suggestion. I will bring this up with the team. In the meantime, where are you having difficulties getting started? Is it with Python, USD, Kit, Omniverse Code? Are you creating an Extension, App, or Microservice, or Connector?

We’ve done several tutorials for developers on how to get started with Ominverse, and several livestreams. We also host weekly “Code with Matty” sessions where you can watch @mati-nvidia do live coding sessions on our discord server discord.gg/nvidiaomniverse. I highly suggest you join the discord server because we have a full team of experts ready to help you get started coding in Omninverse! You can find several tutorials under the Learning tab in the Omniverse Launcher as well!

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Ambassador´s gathering Live stream!

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Thanks @WendyGram the team is great, currently trying to work out how to randomize transforms in Issac sim, within the action graph. Action graph is amazing as someone with a self taught coding background! Like incredible to be totally honest! hats off to all the team. I can see how this will just get better an better over time.

I’ve been using interpolateTo, to great effect but I would like to loop these once target is reached and create a new random transform point to loop too. Not really sure how to do this?

Joined the discord to so looking forward to learning there also!