We would like to have a collada input and CUDA 3d rendering engine


Seems like one of the problems for creating a 3D rendering engine is the fact that every 3D content creation software package has it’s own code.
If you could use the free Collada *.dae which supports physics bones and all the other stuff and most 3D applications export to this file format, it would be possible to develop a cross platform (3ds max, maya lightwave, softimage, cinema4d, etc…) The CUDA powered GPU could power that render the image or hdr or video files. It would be cool if you also could asign HLSL or CG shaders to the objects and if it would feature instancing (cloning the same object or animation sequence a thousand times.) Hair and fur would also be nice. RPF or z-buffer and ambient occlusion renderings and a layer system could be good. You can ad Ageia physics later.
Raytracing is not a requested option for me.

Could you guy’s pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase develop that for the 3d commnunity. :D