Weather model kernels need porting to CUDA looking for volunteers

Greetings Forum Participants,

I am working on adapting the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model to CUDA and GPU computing as part of my job at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and also as a research topic. I’ve put together a summary of progress-to-date as well as areas of further exploration:

There are more kernels here that need porting to CUDA (and more to come as I identify and extract them into standalone test rigs).

If you’re a student or just looking for an opportunity to work with CUDA and contribute to a large community weather model, I welcome volunteers. (That’s right: unfortunately this would be unpaid, but you’d definitely be acknowledged).

Please feel free to contact me or if you prefer, just browse download and work with the kernels on your own.


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John Michalakes, Software Engineer
NCAR, MMM Division voice: +1 303 497 8199
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Boulder, Colorado 80301 U.S.A. cell: +1 720 209 2320
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