Web app using deepstream on jetson nano 4 gb

Hello , i am new to this field and i want to run deepstream on web app (hosted on jetson nano 4 gb)
using tensorrt face detect model
there is a documentation to run deepstream on web ?

What do you mean on a web app? Can you describe your scenario?

Can you clarify what does “run deepstream on web” mean?

DeepStream is only a SDK. It is not an application.

Thanks for replying
i want to run computer vision model on jetson nano with deepstream then i want to use that model in a web app (web app deployed on jetson nano)

What kind of web app?

i want to visualize the detection on realtime from a web page

Perhaps you can refer to Deepstream 6.2 Rest API support for Jetson Orin - Intelligent Video Analytics / DeepStream SDK - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Jetson Nano is not supported by the DeepStreams versions which is higher than 6.0.1. Please consider other Jetson products if you want to use latest features.

You were very helpful thank you Fiona

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