Web Development with Nvidia Geforce Cuda PC, programming HTML 5.

Today I received my book about Web Development & Design Foundation. Currently I’m on chapter 2 html basics which I’m learning to and hands on to make a heading and ordered list. So far the process is smooth but it take me some getting used to to remember the assignments in my head how would you consider the portfolio of my first website. Also what’s a good time frame to complete my assignment to get further ahead with Nvidia development team.

Your inquiry is off topic for this forum.

If you want to join nVidia as a web developer, do so through proper channels (i.e. here https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/about-nvidia/careers )

then click through to “open positions”

(being in the second chapter of a HTML book is not a proper job qualification, by the way)

I Thought the the headings on this subject objected to programming and computers overall. I’m
Confirming to let developers know That you you should learn to create your own website or learn about programming period before dishing your money on hardware. I was just checking in on how I’m coming close to completing the steps of web development and programming practices as far as I know cuda programs and performance is the headings which is appropriate for this subject. Sorry for the misleading critique but I’m pretty sure my I’m right for an open discussion. And which case I do own a geforce cuda hardware. I’m not trying to promote spam advertising in any way.




the action or process of writing computer programs.

Questions that don’t relate to CUDA programming are not on-topic here, even if they relate to programming and computers overall. For instance, questions or discussion pertaining to web development are unlikely to be on-topic here, unless you identify a specific connection to CUDA programming as it pertains to the use of CUDA in web development.

To me, it is unclear what questions you are asking, if any.

In english, questions usually end in a question mark.

You may possibly clarify what your questions are by using that sort of relevant punctuation.

Please don’t waste the attention span of those who may be trying to help you by posting definitions of words like programming. It’s unlikely to be constructive.


It would help if you practiced more in creating websites before buying yourself powerful equipment. There are a lot of details and nuances in this craft: HTML, a combination of design elements, SEO, website adaptation for smartphones and tablets.