WebCL examples

You can try experimental Nokia Research WebCL extension for FireFox 4 at
e.g. “Animated M-set explorer” with double precision floats.
Thanks to “philipjfry” at least the “lite version” works fine (on GF 8500).


WoW! Thanks for the info. These things really rock! WebCL and WebGL together will bring about a whole new level of online games, not to mention web page designs.

Well I had a vision of exploiting GPGPU here :

Nvidia Thread on WebCuda

It seems that a group was already formed for OpenCL. Well WebCL is better than WebCuda since it encompass all vendors providing GPUs…
I am certain that folding at home with WebCL and WebGL can become a client on the browser. Lets see if the TV industry is going to follow and put strong GPUs on their sets as iMac is doing right now…I am curious.