Webrtcsink element for gstreamer

Good day to all
I am using jetson xavier in my project
I need to use Gstreamer with webrtcsink, so I tied to install with the following guide

GitHub - centricular/webrtcsink: Development continues over at https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/gstreamer/gst-plugins-rs/-/tree/main/net/webrtc and got error while trying to build

This is output
meson.build:96:15: ERROR: lexer

  • [‘gstreamer’, {‘build-hotdoc’: true, ‘subproject_options’: buildind_full_optio ns}],*

Could you please help me to fix this error or provide some guide on how to install webrtcsink plugging? Thank you!


It looks to be an issue in meson. Please refer to this:
gst-build lexer error (#44) · Issues · GStreamer / gst-build · GitLab

Thank you, much better but
meson.build:1:0: ERROR: Meson version is 0.61.5 but project requires >= 0.63.0

I installed meson though pip3 - it installed version 61


pip3 install --upgrade meson

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