Website, which provide possibility of docker save on it and docker load from it

Hello.I need to docker save my image (by the command docker save) to docker load it (by the command docker load) on the other device (I dont have enough space on my device to do that locally).Does website for such operations exist ? If so, where can i find it and how can i use it ?

Hi, on Jetson is similar to the standard docker tool.
You can save the image in the same way as other platforms.

If you already run out of space, maybe you can try to save the file to an external storage to see if it can work.

$ docker save busybox > [/external/storage/busybox.tar]


Hi.Thanks for the reply.I used this command, but, unfortunatelly it didnt work.I still have a problem:

File is too large.It created .tar file directly on my external drive, but it seems, that the process wasnt complete because of the “file too large”.

Anyway, i tried to docker load fomr this .tar file on the other sd card and , unfortunatelly, i couldnt:

How can i fully complete creation of the .tar on my external drive and avoid “file too large” ?


Solved here :


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