Weird color problem

Hello all,

We are currently in a testing environment (which has already gotten the approval), however we still have 1 weird issue. Namely the colors within thin lines are all messed up. It’s pretty noticable.

Example 1: This is something made within Excel 2010, notice the red line being thicker, if we click a cell near there it’ll correct itself a bit, but then somewhere else it will start. Also the colors are not Always how they should be, red isn’t always red but more orange.

Example 2: While scrolling fast we get these black blocks in Excel, when you stop scrolling they instantly disappear.

Both examples do not happen when the graphics card is disabled. They are also not limited to just Office, if we export the file to PDF it will have the same color distortion.

Our setup:

Citrix XenApp 7.14 (with the Very High Definition User Experience policy)
VMWare vSphere 6.5
NVIDIA Grid Tesla M10
Citrix Receiver 4.11
The VDI is based on Windows Server 2012 R2

Maybe you are facing YUV_420 encoding problems. See:


I agree with mcerveny. Seems to be an issue with H264 YUV420. I would recommend for the use case given to change your Citrix Policy to use "active changing regions" aka Adaptive Display v2 for example. With XD7.17 you would be able to even use selective NVENC with the policy above which is pretty nice.



Thanks for your replies and pointing me in the right direction!

I’ve done the following per the first link mcerveny linked:
“Allow visual Lossless compression” -> “Enabled”
“Visual Quality” -> “Always Lossless”

The issues were gone after this. However, is this the right way to fix it? I’ve tried setting “active changing regions” but this option is just not available, any information I can find about adaptive display v2 is that it’s enabled by default if you set the option “Use video coded when preffered”, which is set to “For the entire screen” which had this issue in the first place. (

Once again, thanks alot, as this was the last issue we were facing.


what you did is changing the H264 codec from YUV420 to YUV444. YUV444 has color accuracy but you will at least double/triple the required bandwidth per user now.
Therefore you should play around with the settings. I’m not 100% sure but maybe active changing regions wasn’t present in 7.14 yet. So I would recommend to update the VDA to 7.17 at first.



Thanks again Simon, we’ll schedule an update to 7.17.