weird cufft problem - works sometimes but not other times problem with cufftExecC2C working only spo

Hi all,

I am having a strange problem running FFT on CUDA.

I’ve been using the CUDA FFT algorithm in numourous programs for over a year now so I am familiar with it. Ive worked in 32 bit and 64 bit and I am familiar wih all the SDKs from 2.3 up to 3.2. I am currently using a Windows 7 32 bit OS, with CUDA SDK 3.2 and VS2008.

Anyways I have a programs that processes 2D images - I must use the CUDA fft algorithm at least 10 times in the program. I am using in place FFTs like the following

// Step 1: CUFFT plan
cufftHandle plan;
cufftPlan2d(&plan, Ny,Nx, CUFFT_C2C);

// Step 2: execute fft algorithm - Transform signal and kernel
int SIGN = -1;
cufftExecC2C(plan, (cufftComplex )d_input, d_input, SIGNCUFFT_FORWARD);


The problem I am having is that sometimes the code works and sometimes it just returns the original dataset, d_input, with no changes at all. When I reboot it solves the problem temporarily, but it comes back usually after about 3-4 runs of the fft,

Any ideas anyone?