Weird GPU whistling when running Vulcan samples

When running some Vulkan API samples, e.g. LunarG Hologram, samples by Sasha Willems ( etc, my GPU makes weird whistling noise, which often changes frequency when rotating camera, increasing/decreasing tesselation, blur effects etc. All runs well and smooth except the noises. Using other apis (DX, GL) while playing games makes no problems.

I’m new to Vulcan so I have no idea what Vulcan functions might make this problems. Or could it be GPU driver problem?

My PC:
MSI Z170A Gaming M7
MSI GTX1060 Gaming X, driver version 372.54
650W power supply
OS Windows 10 Education 64bit, 1439.51
LunarG Vulkan SDK

What you describe may be Coil whine/noise ( which is caused by high loads on the GPU.

This phenomenon is present on many modern GPUs (and not vendor specific) and the reason it’s more present when running Vulkan samples is because they run at very high frame rates without having e.g. the CPU limiting rendering, while games usually run at lower frame rates or are capped by V-Sync.

As you mentioned my examples, could you try running them with V-Sync enabled (simply pass -vsync via command line, windows only currently). With the capped frame rate, the coil noise should be gone or at least greatly reduced.

Thank you for your answer, I also posted this “issue” on LunarG website so I already know high fps is the problem. :-)

I will try running examples with Vsync as soon as I come home from work.

Thanks again, and for your samples! I’m new to computer graphics but I’m progressing slowly…

OK so vsync solved it. I had around 3400-3500 fps in particlefire and Coil whine. No noises with 60fps…
Thanks again