Weird linker message in 19.4 when using CUDA Fortran Windows 10

Hi there!

I’m getting a weird linker message as seen below:

pgf95 -Mcuda=cuda10.1,cc60 t1.cuf
./t1.exf: warning: unknown section “_RDATA” found, executable not
stripped. Use the linker’s /merge option to merge this section
with another. Example: “/”


Here is the actual source code:

module mytests
attributes (global) subroutine test1(a)
integer, device :: a()
i = threadIdx%x
a(i) = 2
end subroutine test1
end module mytests

program t1
use cudafor
use mytests
integer, parameter :: n = 100
integer, allocatable, device :: iarr(:)
integer h(n)
istat = cudaSetDevice(0)
h = 0; iarr = h
call test1<<<1,n>>> (iarr)
h = iarr
print *, "Errors ", count( (i,i=1,n) /)),h
end program t1

I have used this program before without any problems. By the way, the program runs fine. But I don’t want to be missing something.


The linking message comes from building with the VS19 toolchain instead of VS17. I’m guessing that VS19 is installed on the system, right? Officially, we support VS17 but VS19 partially works. One of the kinks of using VS19 with PGI is that it will emit that warning message with the linker with any object file you try to link with.

It’s pretty harmless and not a reflection of anything wrong in your code. I believe it should be fixed in 19.7 and it will make its way into the next CE with 19.10.

Thank you!

I got the same weird message. I just ignored it and nothing bad happened. I don’t like things like this much even if harmless.

After I do something like “cat abc.f” the PGI$ prompt gets indented. Why? Using a Windows PC.
Thanks for any comments. Just for my interest, no real harm.

Hi Tarweed,

Not sure. I’m not seeing anything similar here.

Are you using the bash environment? If so what’s the “PROMPT” environment set to?

Also, which compiler version are you using? Do you have you’re own Cygwin install or are using the one we ship?