Weird memory error Memory allignment

Nsight 1.51
Using remote debug
target windows 7 32 bit
host windows 7 32 bit
toolkit 3.2

Hi all,
I’m getting this weird error during debug. Basically the memory address that is written doesn’t match what’s showing up in sight(see image). Nsight reports:

Parallel Nsight Debug

CUDA Memory Checker detected 1 threads caused an access violation:
Launch Parameters
CUcontext = 022362a0
CUstream = 00000000
CUmodule = 0366a470
CUfunction = 036611d0
FunctionName = Z9DynStringPfS_S_S_S_S
gridDim = {1,1,1}
blockDim = {1,1,1}
sharedSize = 64
Parameters (raw):
0x00310000 0x00316900 0x0031d200 0x00323b00
0x0032a400 0x00330d00
GPU State:
Address Size Type Block Thread blockIdx threadIdx PC Source

00005800 4 adr st 0 0 {0,0,0} {0,0,0} 0010e0 c:\users\administrator\documents\visual studio 2008\cudastringv3\

Summary of access violations:

Parallel Nsight Debug
Memory Checker detected 1 access violations!
error = access violation on store
blockIdx = {0,0,0}
threadIdx = {0,0,0}
address = 0x00005800
accessSize = 4
See Output view for details.

The address is 0x00005800 that’s causing the problem. It’s actually supposed to be 0x00125800(see image). Why don’t they match up??? I’m totally confused on this one.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Image bellow: