Weird message on Flashing Jetpack


I’m reflashing My Jetson TK1 board with My Virtual Machine Ubuntu.

both are Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

I’m running virtual machine on windows 8.1 VAIO Laptop.

on Flashing it, there comes out weird message So I question.

"ptxas info : ‘device-function-maxrregcount’ is a BETA feature
ptxas info : ‘device-function-maxrregcount’ is a BETA feature
ptxas info : ‘device-function-maxrregcount’ is a BETA feature
ptxas info : ‘device-function-maxrregcount’ is a BETA feature
ptxas info : ‘device-function-maxrregcount’ is a BETA feature
ptxas info : ‘device-function-maxrregcount’ is a BETA feature "
(same message several times)

is it okay?

it is my screen.

This is not normal. I suspect you got a wrong release. A TK1’s most recent L4T is R21.5, and the most recent front end JetPack for R21.5 is JetPack 3.0. A while back there was an error which momentarily put JetPack 3.1 out…which version of JetPack or L4T did you use, and where was it downloaded from?

I’m always thank you to your kind reply.

I successfully installed tk1 board but I feel uncomfortable with that error message.

I just followed this link :

I just followed stereolab’s instrutions.

That project URL is for something which can run after boot, but in no way should have any effect on a Jetson flash. If that message is from code which runs at startup, and if it is from the SDK, then the message is probably not an issue. Unless you’ve put your Jetson in recovery mode and run flash software all of your changes will be only in user space (it wouldn’t have flashed the Jetson).

As note though, expect there to be a lot of troubles when using a VM for flashing a Jetson. You can easily use a VM for cross-platform development, but flash itself tends to have USB errors unless the USB in the VM has been properly set up (and this is apparently not as easy as it sounds). Flash is always throught the micro-B USB connector and thus USB must behave well during a flash (VMs don’t behave well on USB most of the time).