Weird partial freeze issue on TX2 based bundle


I’ve been working with an embedded system with TX2 and facing some issues. I had to upgrade from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 and hence flashed an updated JetPack 4.6.2 - L4T r32.7.2 package.

I was successfully able to flash the OS and do my work until a weird issue occurs. Please have a look at the attachment of the screencast and notice the top right of the screen, which seems to indicate the sound being turned up although no key is pressed. The screen freezes partially hereon, such that I cannot type anything on the terminal or use the task bar.
Only option is to force restart/shutdown. Once I force restart it, there is nothing displayed on the monitor, although the PC seems to power on (Based on LED light present on the power button).

This issue persists even after multiple Jetpack flashes.
Rudi embedded PC with TX2, this is the embedded bundle I am using.

Hope this issue can be resolved in some way.


This board is not Nvidia product, there are some different on the board design, you will need get the customized BSP for the JetPack 4.6.2 - L4T r32.7.2 from Rudi to get it working normally.

Thanks for the reply.

Indeed, I used the customized JetPack 4.6.2 - L4T r32.7.2 from Rudi.
This is the link for BSP, Rudi BSP (scroll to downloads).

This link contains Instructions for flashing.

Providing us the BSP does not help. We don’t have the same carrier board as yours. The only board we have here is the NV devkit.

Please check if your issue is reproducible on NV devkit.

Sure, I shall try it soon.

Although, has there been a similar issue faced by anyone with an NV devkit or any other career board?
I was keen to know if this issue is because of Rudi’s BSP or a known NV issue.

I don’t see the report of desktop hang issue after rel-32.7.2.

Hmm, I see.
Thanks for the assistance anyways.

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