Weird performance trend w/ dual monitor

I am using Cuda 2.0 Beta on XP with a Quadro FX4600 displaying to dual monitors. If I run my program with the cmd window on the left (#1 screen) I get a data transfer time of .51ms or 2938.99MB/s, but it I run the same program from the same cmd window on the right (#2 screen) I get a data transfer time of 1.21 ms or 1248.59MB/s.

Anybody have any idea on why this would be? I have run the program on each screen ~ 20 times each showing this trend. I should also note that this also did this for Cuda 1.1.

Have you reached any sort of conclusion to your post?

Else, try running those and check your performance settings in the nVidia control panel. You can optimise for single, or dual display. Perhaps that is the solution, or cause.

My few cents worth :)