Weird question

Hi all,

This may be the weirdest question of the forum, but I need a response in order to purchase a specific license of PGI C++. Scenario: I need a specific C++ program to be run in three equal isolated machines, i.e. A, B and C with no network towards/from them. A, B and C must run its own binaries. Therefore, they cannot share licenses/anything through network. In order to compile this program and have binaries running on all three machines…

option a: I need to buy 3 licenses of PGI C++ compiler, install 3 instances of PGI C++ compiler (one per machine), compile each source program on each machine and run the binaries.

option b: I need to buy 1 license of PGI C++ compiler, install this instance on machine A, compile sources and, via a thumbdrive, copy binaries from A to B and C (A, B and C have identical hardware/software).

If there is any other option, please, let me know. Thank you in advance!

Hi sefotron,

We don’t have any run time licensing so you’d only need to purchase licenses for the systems that you are building on. So option b would work.

Note that our compilers are able to cross-compile, i.e. target an architecture other than the one it’s being built for (via the -tp flag) so the build system’s hardware need not be the same as the target system. Though, the general OS (Linux, Windows, MacOSX) does need to be the same.

Hope this helps,

Thank you a lot, mkcolg! I will start right now the purchase process at my university. :) (I am an academic purchaser).