Weird SMD component found soldered in my Nano

Hi, I found this electronic component, it looks soldered on my Jetson Nano, It doesn’t look right for me, like if it doesn’t belong to the board or it is from other part of the board, or soldered wrongly in the production line, it looks than was there when the machine soldered the usb connector. I don’t want turn it on until you tell me what is that, if that component should be there. It is soldered, obviously I didn’t. What I felt is when I connect my 2.4ghz to the USB, it doesn’t work properly. Yeap, I touched it, it is soldered totally, even if it where a component that fall, cannot get soldered like that, it has material over. This is from factory

Well, I found a picture of that part in google. That is a capacitor that is not in the Nano, but it is welded. I removed it, I can confirm it was short-circuiting the Nano, because that I had issues with the KB dongle, I thought were interferences. Either I cannot make work many thinks I2c,SPI, and UART, in example the gps stop to work every time I connect the jetson nano to the Pixhawk, of what I opened a post time ago

It is a rework for A02 board to add a cap between VBUS and ground, not a SMT issue. It won’t affect any other ports/signals.

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I removed it as in pictures of other by boards wasn’t there, should I get another and solder it? After removed it didn’t change the board behaviour, still USB UART, SPI has issues.

Better to add it back.

There should be other cause to your USB, UART and SPI issues. Can please tell in detail what the issues are? Are they new issues? Can you share a photo of the whole Jetson nano? Basically it should be no problem since it has been validated before ship out.