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Welcome members of the National Society of Black Engineers (Energy SIG), Society of Petroleum Engineers, and Society of Exploration Geophysicists! The rapid pace of change in O&G has been further accelerated by COVID-19 and the subsequent drop in oil prices. Times are tough and the industry is forced to do more with less. This will require greater machine learning, deep learning, and data science skills in the workforce.

NVIDIA values the O&G community and wants to help. That’s why we teamed up with AWS to offer free Deep Learning Institute (DLI) courses to select professional societies in O&G. The purpose of this forum is to give participants an avenue to ask questions, post comments, network, and interact with Solution Architects from the NVIDIA Energy team.

Hi Tom,
I just came across with this and I would be very happy to understand how is the process to get onboarded on the program since I’m active a SEG member.

Hi @andradevhector

Unfortunately the SEG team is still rolling out the program. They have all the promo codes but most likely won’t have a registration process for another few weeks.

Once they have a registration process, everything is relatively simple. Just register on their site and someone from the team will send you a promo code (may take a few days depending on how busy they are). The promo code is applied during checkout when you sign up for a DLI course. If you’re an SPE member, you can get access through the link below.

Let me know if you have any issues and spread the word to your other SPE/SEG/NSBE friends!

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