Welcome to the Omniverse Machinima Open Beta!

Welcome to NVIDIA Omniverse™ Machinima Open Beta!

This is the first release of Omniverse Machinima and we’re thankful and excited to have you try our latest app, tools and extensions.

Omniverse Machinima is an Omniverse app optimized for animated story telling. Through the use and implementation of several new omniverse extensions, users are empowered to assemble animation clips on characters, props, cameras and more. Add to that AI based pose estimation and Audio2Face integrations, and animating characters, facial expression, and movements becomes more fluid than ever before. Tell your unique story today with Omniverse Machinima.

Overview Video
To get started, please watch our Overview video to get an idea of what is included in the application:



Check out our documents to get a head start: Overview — Omniverse Machinima documentation

AI Pose Estimation

Live animation tracking is available in Machinima from your cellphone camera with AI Pose estimation from Wrnch and accompanying Omniverse Extension!


Check out their release here: https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/wrnch-launches-ai-pose-estimation-extension-for-nvidia-omniverse-at-gtc-2021-819109140.html

Standing on Giants

Since Machinima is built on the common core of Omniverse, many of the things you can do in Omniverse Create is available in Omniverse Machinima!

Learn about Create here!


Lots of Free Content

Make sure to check out the latest content! The app includes premade assets from NVIDIA and games such as Squad from Offworld Industries, and Mount & Blade Warband by TaleWorlds Entertainment, with more to come.

See More in the docs.


Get Content Faster!

Want hints on how to download the content faster? Check this forum post!

More Learning Content to Come

We’ll be posting tutorials and updated videos as often as we can.


Please give feedback! We’re excited to accommodate you as you create your worlds!