What about compute capability for Nvidia MX150 compared with Nvidia GeForce 940M/940MX?

Recently I’m learning CNN based on Tensorflow,but some related GitHub projects have a demand for GPU’s compute capability, I’m going to buy a Thinkpid TX series. So is there someone who can help me solve it?

GeForce 940M(X) appear to be based on two different Maxwell chips, compute capability 5.x
MX150 appears to be Pascal based (supposedly roughly equivalent to GT 1030), compute capability 6.x

The canonical way to search for this information is to first consult the Wikipedia entry for “GeForce”, then try to corroborate the information found there with official data from NVIDIA’s website (use Google to search as NVIDIA has a messy website and information exists at various places, none of which contains all the data) and the internet at large.

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