What and how does Shadowplay work exactly?

How does Shadowplay work exactly?

I’m talking about Encoders and other technicall stuff so I can use that and apply it on another recording program like OBS.

The reason why I want to know that is basically, to use OBS better, because ahm… yeah. Nvidia Shadowplay is capable of recording games very good.

The only thing I see in Shadowplay is the FPS and resolution and then Bitrate, so it is set to 50 Mbps that means 50000 Kbps.

The resolution is called “Game intern” I guess, not sure it is in another language. So it isn’t 1080 HD or 720 HD, I can’t tell which one it is it just says “Game internal” or something. So, since my resolution is 1920 x 1080 in that game it should be 1080 HD.

Basically in OBS it starts good and then it just skips some frames and yeah. In Shadowplay it works good, I can’t describe it else, like it just works fine.

But I don’t know which settings it is actually using. What I’ve seen is that it outputs in mp4 but that apperantly shouldn’t really matter.