What app do I use for animation?

I am just learning Omniverse. I have been using Create. Is there another app better suited for animation?


Please have a look at Omniverse Machinima.

You can find more information about Omniverse here:

I will try and learn about Machinima. I am just confused I have installed quite a few apps, and many look like they do similar things.

Thank you

The applications look and do similar things because all of these are based on Omniverse Kit which is the central development platform for Omniverse applications.
All features are implemented as extensions to that, so the applications have many things in common, though each has a slightly different use case and comes with specialized extensions for that. There is actually an extension in which you can browse and load more extensions.
They can also have a different look and feel by customizing the GUI.

Just follow the given links and keep reading through the docs and watch the introductory videos explaining these things.

I have watched about 10 videos already. I learn better by just trying things and figuring out what I need to do.

People in videos do things like open the usda file as human readable, but they click something down below so fast I can’t figure out from watching., Every tutorial maker, including myself, forgets they know more than the people watching.

I will start learning how to write extensions, that will probably make things more clear.


Hi @DataJuggler! I just wanted to let you know that I passed along your comments about our tutorials. It will be something that we hope to improve on in our tutorials in the future!

(… and honestly, you can’t beat the trial and error method. That’s honestly the best way I learn things too!)

My 3 part tutorial series about using Machinima for real world commercial animation clip is about to be published very soon on Nvidia official youtube channel. If you are in a hurry, please drop me a PM, DataJuggler.

Hi DataJuggler,

Thanks for the feedback, we will add it to our best practices guide and watch out for that issue in upcoming videos. I am not sure if this is what happened in the video but there is an extension called USDA Editor that allows you to text edit the USD file at the layer level.

  • Go to Windows > Extensions
  • type USD in the search field at the top
  • activate the “USDA Editor” (you can set it to autoload if you wish)
  • in the layers pane on the right, right-click on any layer and you will see “Edit” at the bottom of the menu
  • a text editor will open, you can edit the file live and see updates when you save it
  • right-click on the layer and “Finish Editing” to go back to GUI control.

Keep in mind you can’t edit locked files like the samples so you can make a local copy of these if you want to try editing them.

This extension is a really great way to learn about USD, we also have a self-paced online training that can teach you the structure including versions, referencing, and layers. NVIDIA Omniverse - Developer Resource Center | USD Tutorial

That sounds like what he may have done. Written instructions are better sometimes.,

Thank you, I will try when I get off work.

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