What are min/max/avg on nvprof data?

When I use nvprof to profile an application, I get min/max/avg value for all events/metrics. I am wondering what “min/max” means here.

Are these values measured per some unit time ? If this is the case, are min/max values for min/max value per certain time frame?

Also, what does min/max mean for elapsed_cycle_sm counter?

Thank you

Using a kernel as an example, if the kernel is called multiple times during your application, the min/max/avg are the minimum run duration, maximum run duration, and average run duration, across the various kernel executions within a single application run. If the kernel is called only once during the app run, all 3 numbers will be the same.

what does “Total” mean that appears for some events beside min/max/avg? for example I run “nvprof --metrics dram_read_transactions --events fb_subp1_read_sectors,fb_subp0_read_sectors” and it reports “Total” value for events but not for related metric.