what are the cards that support vulkan for future years ?

Hello :
My question is what you see in the title, it is better to tell me thoses that are cheaper.
Now I have quadro 600, will the driver of such card be out one day or not ?
Is there any chance to use my quadro 600 when the “nouveau” driver will support vulkan ?
thank you very much

TBH, the situation for your quadro 600 is kind of hopeless. Nvidia has dropped support for Fermi in latest drivers, no further development is made. So R390 will be the last driver you can use with that card and no Nvidia vulkan driver will show up.
Nouveau might be a chance to get a vulkan driver but then again Fermi support in nouveau is …not good and outlook to improve is bad.

So, give me please a list of the cards that will support vulkan for future years.

Ordered by price,
GT 1030
Quadro P400
GTX 1050
Quadro P600
GTX 1050ti
and up.