What are the channel order and bit width of the PIXEL_FMT_LegacyRGBA format

There is a pixel format: “PIXEL_FMT_LegacyRGBA”. I have following questions.

  1. What is the channel order?
  2. How many total bits is this format?
  3. How many bits does each channel have?

hello suchao,

LegacyRGBA it is RGBA-8-8-8-8 planar

Argus it processed CSI camera with bayer raw formats, it could be Raw10, Raw12…etc. it’s processed by ISP and convert as YUV buffer for post-processing, display rendering.

are you going to develop camera use-case with RGBA?
you’ll need to convert the formats, such as YUV to RGBA for your test-pipeline.
please see-also Topic 165300 to do format conversion.

Thank you for your reply.

I am trying to get RGB888 from the output stream. The closest one I can find is this LegacyRGBA. Do you mean there is no way to get RGB888 and I have to convert it from YUV?

hello suchao,

please refer to Camera Architecture Stack.
let’s assume you’re using a normal bayer raw camera sensor.
if you go though Argus, the output format is YUV. you must to have format conversion to get RGB888.

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If I use EGLStream, do I still need to convert the format from YUV to RGB?

In the sample “jetson_multimedia_api/argus/samples/demosaicOutput”, it seems that it is possible to set the pixel format to “PIXEL_FMT_LegacyRGBA” and then save the output to a file. In this example, the output is after demosiacing and in RGBA-8-8-8-8 format, right?

hello suchao,

VIC output format only support RGB/BGR with alpha channel.
so, it needs to transformation of YUV to RGB Formats.

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