What are the differences in modules between different batches?

In March 2023, we designed our own board based on A04 to adapt to the module. This allows us to use both the 32G module and the 64G module we purchased at the time. This year, we purchased a new batch of 64G modules, but they cannot be started on our own board. These boards can be started on the development board.

They are same as you can see that both can boot up on devkit. It looks like your custom carrier design robust issue. You can compare your power part design with P3737_A04 schematic again. Also you need to probe the power on sequence to check if any margin issue.

Thank you very much. We are checking this issue first。

This picture is not available on the official website, can you help me find it?

If these two batches of modules are the same, why can the old modules be started? How should we troubleshoot the issue of the new module being placed on our board and unable to enter burn write mode, and there is no MB1 printing?

Both modules can boot up on same devkit carrier board, right? So it looks like your custom board issue.

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