What are the factors that affect the enabling of USB A18? What are the software enabling conditions?

I designed a carrier board with reference to the schematic diagram of Jetson TX2 B04, in which:

  1. The two-way power supply monitoring circuit of INA3221, but the power supply of VDD_M.2 is not monitored;
  2. Removed the U28 chip;
  3. U29 chip uses part of the output function; (the address is connected according to B04)
    But now there is a problem:
  4. U29 chip has no output after booting;
  5. USB3.0 does not work after booting, and there is no voltage output on A18 pin.

I have 3 doubts to ask:
Will it affect I2C communication if I remove the U28 chip?
What factors affect the use of USB3.0?
What are the conditions for software enable (A18 output high level)?

Hi lh00368,

Have you managed to get the USB working? Or it’s still an issue to support?

I have solved these problems. ,Thanks

U28 and U29 are expanders. They are NOT must for customer.

Pin A18 will assert to high to enable load switch output when usb device plug in if necessary.