What are the maximum performance/efficiency mode in V100 ?


I was going through the Volta whitepaper, and I found those modes as key features.

My question is if those modes are set by default, so where can I see them ?
and can we manage/configure them ? If yes with which tool ?

I didn’t found any informations about this.

Thank you for your response in advance,

The settings are controlled by setting applications clocks (-ac) and optionally setting power limits (-pl) using the nvidia-smi tool. Please use the command-line help for nvidia-smi to get started.

nvidia-smi --help

By reducing application clocks, you can force the V100 to run more slowly than the maximum possible speed, which will push the GPU into its most efficient operating range (e.g. flops/watt)

There aren’t predefined “max P” (max performance) and “max Q” (max efficiency) settings provided, however, and I wouldn’t be able to tell you much about how to discover these. It should be possible to design a simple test, eg. run a benchmark such as matrix multiply and then vary the application clocks, to determine max-Q. Max P mode is the mode the GPU should be in by default.

Thank you for your quick reply.

It makes sense to me now.