What are the other audio codecs supported by Tegra K1?

Hi all,
I am designing a custom board with Tegra K1.We have some troubles with getting ALC5639.So I thought of switching to a different audio codec IC.Is there any recommended IC with all the driver support?
thank you

Hi ishara0925,

Have you managed to get the ALC5639?
We do not have recommended list of other audio codec IC due to no any validation made.
If there is any issue while doing the bring up, we could help to provide the debug suggestion on you case.



I am also designing a custom board for Tegra K1, not with ALC5639 but with WM8903 from Wolfson microelectronics and I hope to works… and if I’ll have problems I hope in the assistance of kayccc. Is it possible?
Thank you in advance


We will help to provide the debug suggestion on you case if you met issue on bringing up other codec.


Thank you Dear kayccc for your help!

I hope to get the board from PCB manufacturer and to be populated with parts, not early of 3 weeks.
So I wrote in precedent topic, I used WM8903; for Microphone I used digital type WM7216 from Wolfson too, (conneted to DMIC_R and DMIC_DAT) and I connected the Audio output to HPOUT_R, HPOUT_L, HPGND.
I’ll came back after burn-in of my small PC with Tegra K1.

Thank you again for your kindness,