What camera modules work with Jetson K1 board?

Is there a camera module available that works with the CSI interface on the Jetson-K1 board? I would like to do stereo vision so I would like to buy 2 identical 1-lane CSI cameras and use them with the Jetson board. Are there any camera modules that have drivers for Jetson/K1 and are known to work and that that I can buy in small quantities? Any advice about what I need to hook them up to the Jetson expansion port (cables, connectors, etc)?

Anything 720p/30Hz or better would be great. It needs to work on a single CSI lane since I need 2 of them and the 2nd CSI on the Jetson is only 1 lane. Global shutter would be ideal, but is not necessary for my application.

Is the Raspberry Pi camera a good option? Any advice on how to hook it up to the Jetson board? (Where can I get a connector? Can I make my own or is that unlikely to work?)

Am I better off just using an ethernet camera?

Thanks for any advice or recommendations!

About the RPi camera, check the post #19 in one of the earlier threads:


AFAIK there is no information about what cameras work over the CSI interface.
I don’t know anything about CSI, and I am also wondering if we will have to write our own camera drivers if we use the RaspberryPi camera? Do all cameras follow the same standardized spec or are custom drivers required?

Adafruit has a variety of FPC breakout boards that could be used with the RaspberryPi camera connector if you are interested in trying it out:

I will be trying a PS4 Eye camera to the USB3 port. I will let you know how it goes. That could be an interesting option. (high FPS dual camera video + depth).