What can I actually do with CC3, IC7 and Audio2Face connectors?

I have a few connectors, but it doesn’t seem like I can do much here without an RTX.
Is there anything I can do with Omniverse, for now?

Hello! So you do not have a required RTX GPU but you want to see if some features of Omniverse works anyway?

Yes, I was able to get connectors for Character Creator3, iClone 7 and Audio2Face. I haven’t been able to get Create since I don’t have the proper RTX GPU. I don’t know what I can do with these connectors that I have, either.

Hello @RANInk! As you know, our Omniverse Kit-based applications, such as Create, require the Ray Tracing Tensor cores only found on our RTX cards to process the rendering. You can still utilize Nucleus and Connectors to collaborate between 3rd Party Applications.

Thank you. I have Nucleus, just wasn’t sure how to utilize it.