What can I currently do to prepare my game from Unity3D to SHIELD?

Currently my game is in Unity3D. I’m preparing to port to SHIELD but I lacks information of what to optimize/add to utilize SHIELD to its fullest. I’ve read the whitepaper of Tegra4 here

But its mostly ‘performance increases’, no development specific information released. Without the actual device in hand, can’t I at least benchmark performances and such?

Now I wanted to at least test my games in SHIELD’s environment. I heard Tegra Android Toolkit can profile things but as far as I know, no Tegra 4 support yet. (Am I right?)

In the Tegra Development Program there are no Tegra 4 specific informations either.

And do I have to optimize the game further after built from Unity? Or I can run that .apk as-is and SHIELD will boost its performance automatically?