what computer can work with GTX280

Have a new Dell Precision T7400 but was disppointed to find out that nVidia GTX280 requires a 6-pin and a 8-pin power plug, while T7400 doesn’t work with it. Is there any alternative or quick fix for the power plug?

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i think you need one of these? http://www.nanosys1.com/cbl-pwr-lp4pcie.html

The Tesla version works fine with 2 6-pin. It’s on the card presentation.

No, he needs a 6-pin-to-8-pin adapter. Something like this:


Have you tried this adapter yourself? Does it work for you? Thank you,

For the GTX280, there is a brand that ships the 6-to-8 pin with the card itself… Just look at the “what’s inside the package” pictures of online websites… you will find it soon enough.

My GTX280 made by BFG comes with 2 adapters: two molexes to one 6-pin

and two 6-pins to one 8-pin. So you need to have 2 free molexes and 2 free

6-pins altogether from your power supply.

There you go… most brands seem to offer these.

The only thing you need to check is that your power supply is able to handle the load of the card and you should be fine.

Used it on a GTX 280 on a T7400 last week. You don’t need one of the two 6-pin to one 8-pin adapters, one 6 to one 8 works fine. (Don’t ask me, I’m aware of the power differences between the two connectors…)

Some power supplies (like my Antec NeoBlue 650W) have a pcie 6+2 pin

connector, which works just like an 8-pin.

I just powered up my new GTX280 with a 6+2 connector and it works great.

The execution time of my program immediately reduced to 14.1s from 24.4s on

a 8800GT.

I have a GTX 280 made by XFX that came with a very funny combination of accessories: a little note saying “never use a two-molex-to-6-pin-adapter” and… a two-molex-to-6-pin-adapter :). Unfortunately, that one was useless as what I needed was 6-to-8-pin. I made one myself out of an ATX power supply extension cable and it works like a charm.