What do I do to setup remote debugging (Windows VS <--> Ubuntu eclipse)?

My host machine is my home desktop running Windows and Visual Studio 2015. The Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.4 has been installed and configured properly.

The remote target is physically another location connected with the host through Internet and VPN. It is running Ubuntu 14.04 and has Nsight Eclipse Edition already installed (see http://i64.tinypic.com/2ly23rk.png).

I read the “Setup Remote Debugging” section of the Nsight VS Edition User’s Guide but could not find anything useful for the remote debugging settings. So, what should I do to setup remote debugging? What should I run in Ubuntu? What is the “Nsight Monitor” in Nsight Eclipse Edition installed on Ubuntu that will receive my debugging requests from VS2015 on Windows?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi, hzhou3

Nsight VSE do not support remote debugging on Linux.
There is no “Nsight Monitor” in Nsight Eclipse Edition.

Thank you. So, to use Nsight Eclipse Edition to profile on Linux, I have to abandon my Visual Studio expertise, right? Also, does this mean I have to seat myself in front of the Linux graphics server to run Nsight Eclipse Edition locally? Does Nsight Eclipse Edition support remote debugging so that I can sit in front of my cozy home desktop running Ubuntu GUI and have the application run and profiled on the buzzing graphics server located in a cold room?

Hi, hzhou3

You can use Nsight Eclipse Edition to remote debugging.

Also we can provide nsight plugin based eclipse. You can also use, this is similar to Nsight Eclipse Edition.

For profile, of course you can trigger remote profile from Nsight, also you can use Visual Profiler directly.

To Veraj:

I am trying to figure out to install Eclipse in Windows 10. I have installed Nsight Eclipse Plugins using Add New Software as you showed in the website. However, I couldn’t find out the repo address or website. Do you know where to get it without installing Linux system? Thanks.

Hi, yubingchang

You need use Linux system as host machine.
The Nsight Eclipse Plugin is not supported on Windows

Hi, Veraj,

Thank you.