What do I need to get started?

My TX2 is en route … what will I need to get started?

It looks like I need an x86-based Linux machine to run Jetpack – do I need to flash the TX2 prior to first use?

Obviously I’ll need a wired keyboard and mouse. Anything else I should have on hand?

It is nice to flash the Tx2 prior to use since there is a newer software in Jetpack 3.0. Also, by flashing, you can easily install the Nvidia packages such as OpenCV4Tegra and CUDA which I don’t believe are installed when they ship.

As for the other part of your question, I find it useful to have a monitor, internet connection (wifi or wired… requried for installing packages), keyboard, mouse, and USB hub (as there are only two USB ports on the dev board). Everything else is included in the box.

I think the TX2 arrives with R27.0.1 installed, but you’ll definitely want to flash with R27.1 before working with it. You can use JetPack run from an Ubuntu host to do this. See:

You might optionally consider getting set up for serial port access if you think you might need to do debugging (serial console works even when video and networking does not). See:
…the TX1 uses the same carrier and serial console as the TX2. The part you may not have on hand is the USB serial UART and the connector.

If you are using a local/native display make sure it supports HDMI (HDMI to 15-pin D-sub adapters do not work).

Since it is a computer, there is the always-needed surge protector if you want to be cautious.

Bookmark this page for documents (you’ll need to have the free login to download most docs):

Thanks! Sounds like I’ll need the Linux box ASAP for flashing, since I do want to get started with OpenCV4Tegra.

One big note…if you make your Jetson visible to the outside world be sure to immediately change the passwords…standardized passwords on default accounts tend to get hacked within minutes or within a day.