What does gpio-output-low/high means?

Hi NVIDIA team,

I’m following the JetsonModuleAdaptationAndBringUp pinmux section and at the end it generates a gpio.dtsi file. Wanted to know the purpose of this file since I couldn’t find any information about it.
Also, I saw that the gpios are classified as:

  • gpio-input
  • gpio-output-low
  • gpio-output-high

I suppose that this is the state of the pins, but at what time? It’s during Power On Reset (POR state) or it is an Steady state?


hello OscarPorras,

you may see-also pinmux spreadsheets.
there’re Input/Output/Bidirectional for the pin direction.
output is to expansion header. Input is from expansion header. bidirectional means two directions are shown.
the following high/low is the settings of the initial state.

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the fast response.

Is this initial state the same as the POR state? If not, how is it different?

hello OscarPorras,

please check pinmux spreadsheets for default pin configurations, you may alter the settings by software changes.
here’s developer guide, Pinmux Changes.

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